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  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   6 years 39 weeks ago

    Posted on behalf of HD: Very windy from the WSW but since its my last day fishing, I decided to return to Lexy’s loch in late afternoon, hoping for some shelter at the east end of the south bank. There were large waves running along the loch, and casting was very difficult. I hooked and returned two trout in the 4-6oz class, before giving up.

  • General Comments   6 years 39 weeks ago

    Posted on behalf of HD: I headed off to Loch Roe, at the weirs where it changes from fresh to salt water, hoping to catch a sea trout, around high tide. The fresh water stretch is near-unfishable at this point, since it is covered in lily pads – a beautiful sight for non-fishers! I tried casting just below the weirs , but there were shoals of tiny saithe and Pollock which grabbed at every fly. I eventually hooked and safely returned a small bright silver sea trout (a few ounces).
    NB this loch needs a marker!

  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   6 years 39 weeks ago

    Posted on behalf of HD
    I fished Lexy’s Loch from 16:00 to 19:00, working my way along the south shore. Near to the east end, I hooked a large trout well out in the loch, and successfully landed it after a fair fight. I estimate it was around the 2lb mark, and it was safely returned. So Lexy’s loch continues to live up to its reputation for large trout.

  • Loch Crocach   6 years 39 weeks ago

    On a cloudy afternoon, after a wet morning, I hiked up to Loch Crocach, and continued up to the far end. The path up to the shieling was much improved this year – since there seemed to be no cattle around as in previous years. The next section is hard going, but is usually worth the effort. This year I was disappointed – only two fish of a few ounces took my flies. There was boot mark evidence that others had been there recently before me. Could they have educated the trout? It would be nice to hear from them.
    Posted on behalf of HD

  • Fionn Loch   6 years 39 weeks ago

    I walked up the Kirkaig to the Fionn Loch, on a bright day. The views are magnificent. The water at the near (west) end is rather shallow for a fair distance out, and combined with the bright conditions, I found that the trout were lying just at my casting limits from the bank. I hooked and safely returned three modest sized trout, but I’m sure that I would have had a lot more action if I had taken my waders (or used a boat).
    Posted on behalf of HD

  • Loch na Bruthaich   6 years 39 weeks ago

    Sunny and warm, spent a couple of hours working round Loch na Bruthaid (near Clashnessie). Back in 2009 this loch was populated with large numbers of tiddlers that took any fly that came near them. Then after two hard winters the numbers seemed to decline dramatically. This year I hooked a few tiddlers and one small trout (all safely returned). Probably better than last year, but still not back to its pre-2010 years.
    Psoted on behalf of HD

  • General Comments   6 years 40 weeks ago

    Have enjoyed many great days fishing the trout lochs of Assynt but would love to try fishing from the shore and would be interested to hear from anyone as to whether it is worth doing so in the autumn and winter and of any hot spots to try. Don

  • Loch Na Saighe Duibhe   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Lots of little fish 6-7", returned 15+ over about 3hrs. Free rising and some even jumping clear of water which is not something I often see in hill lochs?
    Mostly on wee dry flies, fished close to or within reed areas, worthwhile but annoying have to clear weed from flies every 2nd cast.
    Not convinced there are larger fish here.
    Didnt have time to try the lochs further up, gave Loch Na Gruagaich a few hours on the way back down, it was very dour in comparison.

    Stuart Taylor

  • Loch Na Gruagaich   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Fished the east shore from one end to the other, nice conditions on a Saturday afternoon, a wee breeze to keep the midges away and a few daddies landing on the water, but despite this I never saw a fish rise in 3hrs!
    Returned 3 little ones, 6-7" pretty little fish, taken on a Zulu.
    Loch Na Saighe Duibhe, further up, gave far more action, although also all small.
    Underfoot is very boggy.

  • Lochan Fada   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Fished all down the South bank over 3hrs, very dour and only caught/returned 2 quarter pounders. Wind coming from all directions! No fish rising at all.
    On my trek up I met another fisher on his way down, had camped overnight, again had found it tough going only returning 6 quarter pounders fishing over 8 hours.
    May try north bank next time, more sheltered from the wind I think.

  • Leave Your Comments   6 years 43 weeks ago

    Fished Cam loch fairly infrequently as was targeting other lochs in the area. Generally dour but always caught a few after a while, all small stuff. Lost a nice one about a pound - mostly caught on combination of gold headed PTN and bibio on dropper. Fished various hill lochs West of Cam and had great sport - nothing massive but plenty of them with majestic Suilven as the backdrop! Similar flies as previous successful but I don't think it really mattered - they would take anything as long as presentation and stealth used to good effect.

  • General Comments   6 years 44 weeks ago

    There is a great new Assynt-related website dedicated to V Carron Wellington, an angling author (and much more) who wrote a celebrated book in the 1950s called The Adventures of A Sporting Angler.

    The book has a lot of tales of fishing in Assynt and I featured it on our historical literature pages on this site when we first set it up in 2009.

    This led to me being in touch with Richard Wynne, VCW's grandson. He related some fascinating and surprising information about VCW and has now set up a website dedicated to him:

    The website's sub-title - 'the many lives of V Carron Wellington' - hints at what you can find out there. Go and have a look, you won't be disappointed!

    Also, Richard is trying to find out further information about Vincent Carron Wellington so if you know anything, especially any knowledge of him in Assynt please get in touch. We believe he stayed at the Culag Hotel so if anyone knows if the old fishing records are anywhere, that would be particularly interesting and would go along with the scans we have from the Inchnadamph and Alt Hotels on here.

    The book features several chapters on angling in Assynt and is a fantastic tale of derring do and close shaves. VCW gets attacked by a wild goat at Loch Dubh in Ardroe, swims across a loch with a cormorant in his bag, fished the Corrieshalloch Gorge near Ullapool and pursues trout up from Bad na Muirichinn to Suilven getting trapped in the lilies on the way. It also has some great old photos.

    With Richard's kind permission we put some scans of seections of the book in our literature section on the Assynt site:

    So any information, memories or artefacts - let Richard know via the site.

    If not, just go and have a good read.


  • Loch Uidh na Geadaig   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Fished this in mid July 2013 on a very sunny day. Tried nymphs but no takes. Changed to dries and started tempting the fish to the surface. Best fly was a ginked-up bibio. Caught about a dozen on the dry bibio and all were in the 6oz range. Didnt see another soul all day which is amazing considering this loch is a 5 minute walk from the car park. I think this is a great wee loch and is a perfect place to bring my 10 year old son as he is just learning how to fly fish at the moment.

  • Lochan Fada   6 years 48 weeks ago

    Had an enjoyable afternoon, returning 10-12 all about quarter to half pound. Mostly on a Blue Zulu.
    Very windy so difficult casting, fished along the south bank. Casting difficult in places due to high bank behind.
    Nice walk up from Cam loch, took me about 1.5hrs up and 1hr back.

    Stuart Taylor

  • Loch Veyatie   6 years 50 weeks ago

    Fished Veyatie on Saturday 13th July '13. The weather had worsened even from the Friday - strong winds & 10-12 degrees (compared to Mediterranean weather further south)! Sid had 3 fish in the first 4 casts so that perked us up! Once again kate McKlaren & gold muddler doing the damage. I struggled to begin with & only picked up the odd fish in the 1st hour or so. After an hour I gave up on the bank fishing & headed out in the belly boat, started picking up fish straight away. However; a change to a pearly Invicta on the top dropper brought instant results picking up fish virtually every cast with yet another double hook up. After lunch I reluctantly relinquished the boat to Ravsy & started bank fished; after a quiet 1/2 hour started picking up fish in a 'quieter' bay where the wind was slightly off the water. Great period culminating in a lovely fish of around 13". Apart from the Invicat Other good flies were golden olive bumble & GRHE! Got the belly boat back at 18:00 & had an amazing last 2 hours culminating with a 3 fish on one cast one of which was an artic char (my 1st). Amazing loch & I did catch more than 30 fish!! Beautiful surroundings & a stunning lake.

  • Loch Uidh na Geadaig   6 years 50 weeks ago

    Fished Uidh Na Gedaig late on Friday 12th July '13. Supposedly this loch has lots of small fish that are easy to catch. However; to begin with struggled to catch anything. But after a while we started picking up fish & they were quite small in the 4-6" bracket. Noticed fish were more up in the water so I ginked up my grenadier & started picking up better fish 8" upwards. Had one about 10" then the next fish that I connected with was much bigger & I ended up losing him in the weeds. I suspect he was well over a pound but that will be yet another fish that I can ponder for the rest of my life. Ironically the wind, which is supposed to be your friend up this way (or so I read) actually switched the fishing off. Up to the point the wind picked up I'd probably had 9 fish in just over an hour & my other 2 colleagues had several fish themselves, but once the wind got up that was the end of fishing even below the surface. Though it's only less than a mile from the road it still seems remote & we saw no other anglers which just goes to show you don't have to yomp for miles to get the solitude.

  • Loch Beannach   6 years 50 weeks ago

    I noticed that not many fishermen (or women) had posted comments & as someone who was an Assynt virgin I had scoured this site for clues leading up to 'the lads annual fishing weekend'; so for what it's worth here are mine! 3 of us fished Beannach on Friday, Thursday had been blue sky & 20 degrees but Friday was cloudy & barely 14. We took the belly boat which became a blessing because only 4 fish were caught from the bank, However; 14 fish came from the belly boat including a double hook up of an 11" fish & 7" together. Very exciting! Killing flies were Kate McKlaren, Gold muddler, & grenadier. Caught quite a few fish whilst finning back up the loch with the flies left out! I suppose this is manual trolling, which I'm unsure whether's legal but was immense fun & as all fish were returned so it couldn't be that bad! Beautiful loch with only one other fisher who was using the boat at the far end so was no concern to us. Left early to fish Lochh Uid na Gedaig due to the poor bank fishing (or fishermen) on Beannach.

  • Cam Loch   6 years 51 weeks ago

    Been fishing this area for about 20yrs the Cam Loch and the Veyatie fish best in May, June and September - if you want excellent brown trout fishing April, May and June there are four lochs near Achiltibuie and they are all at the roadside before l mention them people think they have to hike 4/5 miles into the hills to pick up decent trout when they are available at the roadside - they are Loch Vattican, Loch Raa and the two lochs that sit together Old Dornie harbour and if you want trout about a pound and half - look up on the hill above Loch Vattican next to the mast there are two one of them is Loch Na-Beastie the other is Loch Dubh - if you take a short drive from Loch Vattican to the cairn above Port Bheag chalets you will see a loch about thirty mins walk called Loch Taig (youu will get a permit from Badentarbert Lodge or thhe craft shop in Polbain. Just back from a weeks fishing in June went to Badentarbert lodge for permit when he took the book out my name was the last entry from the previous year! - no poachers - six of us caught around 200 brown trout between us all returned - except a few for breakfast! Looking forward to returning in September to fish the Cam and Veyatie.

  • Loch Na Saighe Duibhe   7 years 20 hours ago

    Had a quick cast on this and another couple close-by, nothing caught or spotted, but very windy and difficult conditions.
    I was on my way back from Loch a' Croisg - which is not listed here, where I returned about 10 quarter pounders, during a 3 hr session, again very windy and difficult. Quite a hike to this Loch (I came from Loch Awe side) better to go via the path past Cam Loch.

  • Loch Na Gruagaich   7 years 1 day ago

    Spent 30mins on it in very windy conditions, on the way back to the car after fishing some Lochs further up.
    Returned one quarter pounder and lost a couple similar (on a 12 Zulu). Pretty little loch must visit again in better conditions.

  • Cam Loch   7 years 5 days ago

    I confirm what Stuart Taylor wrote in his 30th of June post : heading to some lochan between Cam Loch and Loch Veyatie one sunday morning of May 2013, around, I saw on the opposite bank of the first bay of Cam Loch when coming from the road, three folks fishing with static lines. I could see them well with my binoculars, but I was too far to speak with them. One comment of June 2011 had already pointed the problem, I see. I think the Assynt Angling Group should be vigilant with that.

    By the way, that day, after a long walk along Cam Loch, II fished Lochan Nigheadh. Looked good, even if I haven't seen any fish moving, but I totally blanked. Would be very glad to read reports of -hopefully successful...- fishermen on that loch...

    Jérôme D.

  • General Comments   7 years 1 week ago

    Excuse the late post from Australia but wanted to record another fabulous week at the Assynt Foundation's fabulous Glencanisp Lodge. We had sunshine at both ends of our week and the full range of weather in between. There were three serious fishers in out party of 17 and much of the week was spent in the company of ghillie extraordinaire Stephen Smith of Highland School of Fly Fishing in Elphin. No big trout for the week - most returned but about 6 taken for breakfast. 21/5 Loch Veyatie - cold and windy 1 trout - we lasted till just after lunch. 22/5 Loch Cama - 7 trout. 23/5 Loch Awe 4 trout - never been so cold in all my life - snow and hail - lasted till lunchtime and retreated to The Caberfeidh for proven liquid remedies for hypothermia! 24/5 - highlight of the week - returned to Loch Veyatie - 5 trout - in sunny calm conditions - took boat to top of the loch and fished river in Fionn Loch - great fun and I defy anybody to show me a more jaw droppingly beautiful place to fish for wild brown trout. Hope to return in 2014. Most fish on standard patterns - grouse and claret, blue zulu, soldier palmer. Keep up the good work Assynt Angling and the Assynt Foundation. David Nicolson

  • Cam Loch   7 years 1 week ago

    Fished Cam Loch for the first time, warm and blustery Saturday afternoon. Bank only, around the South end. Caught/returned about a dozen, biggest about a half pound, all beautifully marked with quite some differences.
    Mostly on a dry mini daddy (fished wet) which was the nearest I had to some brown flies (sorry I'm no entomologist!) that were being consumed as soon as they hit the water.
    Had planned a couple of casts on Veyatie but ran out of time, had several casts on the little connecting burn and had 2 on the same cast!

    Walked past the Elphin Hatchery, what do they do there exactly?

    Lots of bird-life.
    Disappointed to see the calling card of a fishmonger, ie a pile of nylon lying on bank with hook & shrivelled worm still attached. Disposed of this.

    Stuart Taylor

  • General Comments   7 years 4 weeks ago

    Assynt Fly Fishing - - is a (relatively) new Facebook page run by local angler, Stewart Yates.
    There's some good updates on his fishing up there and some great videos and photos. he also has a new website:

    Stewart has just started doing guiding and tuition for trout fishing in Assynt.

    The research we did from 2009-2012 (see ) suggested that this was the sort of angling service that could be expanded to help local employment so it is great to see this get off the ground.

    Adam Brown
    (Assynt Angling Info, Substance)

  • Leave Your Comments   7 years 4 weeks ago

    For the fishermen interested in colors and shapes of Assynt's trouts, which can even vary within a loch, I regulary post pictures on a Flickr gallery called "Trouts of Assynt".

    Names of the lochs are volontary fake or vague, but the mentionned area is always accurate. Click on picture to get details. Comments welcome. Here's the link :

    J. Dupuis

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