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  • The Manse Loch   6 years 28 weeks ago

    Forgotten what a lovely spot this is! Definitely need the boat as bank is covered in trees. Was blowing a gale which made navigating with the boat and fishing very tricky (boat seemed light in the water?), but landed a few, best of a pound. Black pennel on the end worked well. Saw an eagle overhead as well which was a treat.

    Re access, follow the link to map directions given on this page although past Torbreck House it is very tree covered and boggy.

  • General Comments   6 years 28 weeks ago

    I have created a number of forums over the last ten years mainly with friends who stay at the Scourie Hotel in a certain week in June. But we extended the membership to like minded anglers who know the Assynt area well and included all areas north of Ulapool to Rhiconich within our discussion topics.But MSN groups changed and it was transferred to a variety of different social media type sites but with a locked group format. This was to protect as Jerome says the gems we have all discovered and even created over the last thirty years. But with Facebook being so dominant the group has faded away with less enthusiasm and as a last resort I started a Facebook group. We (around 22 of us) would certainly support a group based around Assynt fishing as we all have fished here and intend to do more as long as the limbs are able. Thinking of walking and fishing from Tongue to Ulapool next June via Inchnadamph but don't let my Wife know as that permit is yet to be secured. cheers Graham

  • General Comments   6 years 29 weeks ago

    Thanks for all your comments recently everyone. (I’ve moved these to ‘General Comments’ as they are more general issues).

    We did look into a forum for the site when the Lottery funded research project was still live but decided against it due to the amount of moderation it can take. However, we can look at this again if people would use it (at the moment we don't have any funding to support this site, so we need to sort that out first).

    The central issue raised here is about striking a balance between:
    i)Maintaining/increasing visiting anglers' access to Assynt (through more and improved information provision - Cathel's book, our website, information in the tourist office etc.) and
    ii) Preserving what it is everyone loves about fishing there (remoteness, fishing sustainably/properly, not seeing other anglers etc.).

    That is an age old issue in rural development, but it is not one that can't be managed properly to increase local community benefit - angling 'tourism' is an important part of assynt's long term sustainability.

    I'll try and do a longer blog/post about this for people to comment on as it is too long a debate for a comment post. However, as a first step have a look at our Assynt Angling reports which highlight these issues, present data on actually how much trout angling does take place and suggest three levels of ongoing development?

    This is the link to the Final Report on Assynt:

    And this is the link to the permit sales/rod days data in more detail:

    As a matter of fact, I’ve just been up for a week and didn’t see another angler the entire week... I'll post a couple of reports soon.

  • General Comments   6 years 29 weeks ago

    I do mostly agree with this 16th September comment. But I think Cathel's book (and this website) must just be considered as an (excellent) introduction to the fishing in Assynt. As you say, there are hundreds of lochs in the area. And not so many folks in the moor... I fished there every day last May, mostly remote and montaineous lochs without any path from the road and I've seen... one fisherman during the whole month, including around lochs mentionned in Cathel's book !

    By the way, one suggestion to the webmaster of this precious website : sometimes, fishermen don't want to reveal everybody their so called "gems". But it could be interesting for us to be allowed to send "private" or "personnal" messages to one particular author of a message, as it is possible on other forums. As we can see these last days, this forum can be very lively...
    Jérôme D.
    September 19th, 2012 :

  • General Comments   6 years 29 weeks ago

    My brother Peter and I agree completely and we are also thinking of counting the number of lochs we have fished on map 15 since 1971 but it might take a few nights work. Maybe it would be better to look at the lochs we have not fished? But in the meantime some extreme lochs fished in recent years Lochan Dearge a Chuil Mhoir on the east cliffs of Cul Mor, Lochan Dearg on the Coigach and the one above on Beinn an Eoin at 450m but no fish in this one and the series of lochs between Glendhu and Glencoul (called Bein Aird da Loch) there are fish here and some giant rabbits. You will not meet many people at these lochs but great exploring. cheers Graham
    September 24th, 2012

  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   6 years 31 weeks ago

    I fished Lexy's in June and it couldn't have been more different! Bright, hot afternoon sun and little wind - I wasn't hopeful. Fished the eastern end near the track working along the north bank. Had four fish in 3 hours - 1 just under a pound and the other three over 1 1/2lbs each - on a bright organge muddler type fly. Beautiful yellow bellied trout in fine condition hopefully growing bigger for next year.

  • General Comments   6 years 31 weeks ago

    This is my 4th year of fishing in Assynt for a week in September. This year it was extremely windy, making fishing difficult, and indeed impossible on one of the days. Even allowing for the weather, I was less successful than in previous years (although I still hugely enjoyed myself). I mentioned in previous years that the large numbers of free rising tiddlers that were around in 2009 seemed to have disappeared - possibly due to two extreme winters. I suspect that this has now worked through into the 3 to a pound class - which now seem (in my experience) to be less numerous. Does anyone have contrary evidence?

  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   6 years 31 weeks ago

    Monday 11th September, 2012 - I'm back for a short evening session on Loch Lexy. I headed up to the SE corner , where there was a strong Westerly wind causing a big wave - so there was no chance of spotting rising fish. I fished mainly mini-lures, just sub-surface (on a sink tip line), and landed one 5oz trout (safely returned).

  • Loch Poll an Droighinn   6 years 31 weeks ago

    Wednesday 12th September 2012 was another very windy day. In the afternoon I headed up to Loch Lexy, then followed the fence up from its north bank to Loch Poll an Droighinn. In my previous visit last year there was an easterly wind, so I fished the east bank with considerable success. This year it was a strong NW wind, so I headed up to the NW corner , and worked back down southwards. To my surprise, I saw no moving fish, and nothing looked near my flies. So I hiked back up to the north end where there was some shelter - but no sign of fish. I finally tried the NE corner (where I caught most of my fish last year), and although casting was difficult, I landed one trout of about 6oz (safely returned).

  • Loch Donnaig   6 years 31 weeks ago

    I parked at the advised space, and was surprised to find a path to a gate, then over the field to a style - all in excellent order - not the usual approach to Assynt Lochs! There was a very strong west wind, so I traversed along the steep south bank, to reach a promintory with the wind on my back, but found that much of the bay was weed covered. I fished along the edge of the weed, and landed an 8oz trout (safely returned). I hope to visit this loch again (next year) in better weather conditions.

  • Loch Bealach na h-Uidhe   6 years 31 weeks ago

    Having fished this area for over 30 years I would make the following observations.
    a consequence of the publication of Cathel's book is that some of the lochs he describes now attract too many fishermen and perhaps fishermen with a different attitude.
    The danger is that the book,this website and associated publicity designed to promote angling tourism may have resulted in damage to the very thing it sought to promote.
    I have personally fished over 300 lochs and lochans on Ordnance Survey 15
    including all of the lochs in Cathel's book and can assure the reader that there are hundreds more in the area worth fishing where you will never meet another angler,most of them contain trout,and some of them some superb specimens indeed.
    You will have to hike far and wide to find them ,as i did ,and when you do discover a hidden gem please keep its location secret

  • Loch Crocach   6 years 31 weeks ago

    Ok - its 14th September 2012, and time for my next visit to Crochach. There was a strong NW wind, but Crochach is still fishable from the north bank in such conditions. As proposed last year, I walked (and climbed) further up the loch to opposite the islands. Casting is reasonably easy from the bank, but there are deep fall-offs close to the edge, so wading does not look a good idea. I carried my waders in a rucksack, but never used them. I fished for about 2 hours in late afternoon, and caught 5 trout, ranging from about 4 to 16oz (all safely returned). Once again, there was no sign of the tiddlers that were everywhere in 2009. This would probably be my favourite loch if it were not for the presence of the cattle, who churn up all paths and make walking a very messy occupation. Boots are essential, and will need a lot of cleaning after a visit.

  • Maiden Loch   6 years 32 weeks ago

    I made the overfished comment last September, and am back in Assynt again. I tried the spot at the north-west end, which I think is maybe where you had success. I landed a nice trout with the first cast,and thereafter had several offers. Then I moved to the easy casting positions beside the road just where the burn exits the loch - and touched nothing. It looks like there may be well educated trout at the most convenient spots.

  • Loch Bealach na h-Uidhe   6 years 33 weeks ago

    Very disappointing but had similar experience last year at Green Corrie last year. It's not a loch you want more than 2 people on really (especially in bright sun, no wind and easterly!)and 3 guys walked up, stood bolt upright on the moiund at one end and even got the binoculars out to look at us fishing, before starting casting themselves. Not a word and ended up just leaving them to it.

    A sharp contrast up at one of the small Stoer lochs this June. Just landed a beautiful 1.5lb trout that had fought like hell. Another angler had come up, seen I was there, and kept such a low profile that I didn't even notice him. Once I had returned the fish, he came a little nearer, generously said 'well done' and that he would try one of the others in the area. A gent.

  • Loch Bealach na h-Uidhe   6 years 33 weeks ago

    I fished there in May and was rather disappointed by the beahaviour of two 'gentlemen' who marched up a couple of hours after me. i watched from the other side of the loch as they dumped their bags almost on top of mine . later it transpired one of them had trodden on and broken the spare tip piece of my rod. and then without a word they waded out into the loch and started casting flies, one of them actually landing his fly a few yards across and ahead of me making it impossible for me to continue fishing. i imagine this sort of thing is common on ponds full of flabby stocked rainbow trout where i suspect these two learnt their trade. I walked round to my bag, and politely enquired if they planned to stay all day and got a surly- 'yeah and whats it to you?' response so left them to it and went and fished fiddle (where i discovered the broken rod tip).
    what a shame to behave like that. i would happily share even a small loch like this (after all its a long walk in) or arrange to swap round (fiddle and fleodach are nearby) but not with people who don't even have the manners to respect their fellow fishermen.

  • Lochan Fada   6 years 33 weeks ago

    29th aug 2012 Fished from 3pm til dark and caught a dozen from various bays on the southern bank all about half a pound, brilliant day

  • Loch a Choire Dheirg (Red Corrie)   6 years 36 weeks ago

    Fished on 31st July after backpacking to Loch Bealach A'bhuirich the previous night. Fished the Green corrie most of the day then contoured round to the Red. Rising fish in glassy calm nosed at my dry flies but only one took, about 1lb. However, see entry for Green Corrie. B.C.

  • General Comments   6 years 38 weeks ago

    I have just spent the week (22 to 28 July) fishing various lochs in the Assynt South and West Zones.

    The weather was generally quite favourable - warm with a good wind and variable cloud (little rain) - but despite this I found the fish hard to find. The usual lochs where '3 to the pound' is the norm seemed devoid of fish although I did manage one at 1 1/2 pounds from the 'Dog Loch'.

    This is in stark contrast to many previous visits to the same lochs when the fish lived up to their 'free rising' reputations and good baskets were to be had.

    I tried the usual well tested wet flies, dries, as well as buzzers and nymphs to no avail. The fish just did not seem interested and a few other fishers I spoke to (including locals) indicated that was their experience also.

    Could this be down to the prolonged dry spell experienced in the area over the last couple of months or have all the fish mysteriously disappeared (which seems unlikely)?

  • Loch Nan Lub   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Visited on 7th July 2012 for a few hours, with a light north-westerly blowing most of the time. This is really a chain of inter-connected lochans and there are so many bays, points and high banks that this place would have fishable places in any kind of wind. Dry fly brought the trout up wonderfully, and they were not fussy about the pattern. Average size about 8 oz, with one fish of 1.5 lbs, all returned. The big one took the dropper fly as I was playing a smaller fish! Great birdlife here. A delightful place to fish. Loch an Easain next door seems just as good.

  • Unnamed lochans near Clashnessie   6 years 41 weeks ago

    Fished these for an hour or two on July 7th 2012. Variable, light breezes dropping to calms. Midges a nuisance! Several small fish plus to dry flies (Claret Hopper, Adams) and one of about 14 oz. Enchanting, wild wee lochs. Some are largely or wholly weeded, but the larger ones quite fishable.

  • Fionn Loch   6 years 41 weeks ago

    I visited this breathtakingly beautiful loch 5th-6th of July 2012, taking a one-man tent and camping overnight. There is a perfect spot on the south-western shore close to the place the boat lies. The two days I was there the conditions were not ideal for bank fishing, with a half-gale easterly the first day and variable airs/flat calms the second. Nonetheless I caught a great many trout, averaging perhaps 8 oz, the biggest about a pound. All were returned. I fished dry fly mainly; Claret Half-hog, Bibio, Grey Duster, Adams, Claret Hopper. All were enthusiastically accepted, but especially the first-named. In the flat calms I saw some very large trout head-and-tailing beyond casting range! Waders would have helped me fish parts of the north-eastern shore, but there are plenty of places where they are unnecessary on this loch. Two boat anglers were there the first day and had fish to 2.5 lbs, and next time I visit I will book the boat too.

  • Maiden Loch   6 years 42 weeks ago

    June 2012, 2 rods fished for 40mins; about a dozen trout to 8oz just fished small section of water between reeds and road at north end. Perhaps not that over fished!

  • Loch an Aon Aite   6 years 44 weeks ago

    Cold wind and bright sun (again). Had a good afternoon wandering up and around here - lots of small trout in all the lochs I tried: Aon Aite, the long thin one just before you get there (lots of reeds/waterlilies restrict scope here), and the small ones to the north/north west of Aon Aite. Biggest was 3/4lb but mostly 3 to the pound. Couple came to dry fly but when the wind was up, muddlers on the point and bushy flies on the top dropper worked best.

  • Loch Nan Lub   6 years 47 weeks ago

    29.5.12 Nice day out amongst the inlets of Loch Nan Lub, Gorm Loch Beag and the smaller lochans to the north. Slow going but still caught 7, biggest at half pound. Best flies dry sedge and a small bloody butcher on the point, work that out!

  • Loch Uidh na Geadaig   6 years 47 weeks ago

    Spent a lovely sunny late afternoon/evening with small but beautifully formed bownies coming to the fly, despite very bright sun. Dries worked best, and anything with orange in it! This loch has a boat now, which this site doesn't say, available from Peter Hendrich.

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