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  • Loch Assynt   5 years 51 weeks ago

    There are waters in Assynt where spinning is allowed. Cam, Veyatie, Assynt and Beannach from boats and 4 1/2 miles of bank on Assynt as shown in the brochure of fishing in Assynt Angling Association waters.

    We have no problem with having fly only on the majority of waters or with the vast majority of the 1500 anglers who fish here, some of whom have been doing so for 30 to 40 years. Many of them would be outraged if we allowed spinning in more areas - they value the very cheap but unique wild fishing that is available and want it preserved.

    Please fish in the River Test with a spinner if you feel that we are not welcoming in Assynt.

    Secretary Assynt Angling Association.

  • Loch Assynt   6 years 6 hours ago

    At £5 for a day ticket and the tackle required often costing a whole lot less than wheelbarrows full of coarse angling kit I would not call the fly fishing in Assynt 'elitist' by any stretch of the imagination!

    Fly fishing reduces the chance of a fish, which might be too small to keep or simply intended to be caught and released, from being hooked deep in the gullet. This reduces the chance of fish having to unnecessarily killed.

    For the waters managed by the Assynt Angling Association the rule of fly only was part of the Government Protection Order. This Protection Order opened up the fishing to everyone, for just a fiver a day, less if you get a week ticket, not just an few elitst tweed-clad hoo-raas.

    Your baseless snidey comments on the estate workers, or 'Mr. Ghillie' as you somewhat patronisingly refer to them, are just that. Based on your bitter and un-informed opinion and nothing more. I, on the other hand, am informed and can tell you unequivocally that they never fish the river using anything other than a fly. They don't have to. They could catch more salmon with a fly than most people armed to the teeth with every other method could! On top of that, why would they? They get plenty of opportunity to fly fish the river (with that incredible rate of success) with paying clients throughout the entire season! And just to dis-spell any lingering doubt you might have in your cynical mind, they have so much salmon to eat (donated by well-meaning clients) that they are all sick of it. They would much more appreciate one of your Bass, maybe they would even do a swap!?

    Oh, and just in case you are interested, the FLY FISHING for Pollock and Bass is fantastic fun on the Assynt coastline! Why not look me up on You Tube and see for yourself?

    Stewart Yates - Assynt Fly Fishing

  • Loch Assynt   6 years 1 week ago

    Yet again visit somewhere, where clearly if you dont fly fish, you are unwelcome. Hardly any spinning availability but bet Mr Ghillie likes to have a wee spin or chuck a bunch of worms in a nice deep pool on the river.

    Anyway, not for me, you lot would get more anglers parting with money if everything wasn't so god damn elitist with 'Flies Only'. Next time I'm up, I'm targeting Bass and will be using methods that wont be liked but are quite legal in the salt.

    Another visiting angler annoyed!

  • Leave Your Comments   6 years 6 weeks ago

    great stay there and great days fishing the lagg and the lochans there,great host and his fish fight like salmon

  • Fionn Loch   6 years 8 weeks ago

    I visit Assynt for a week or so every June and I always have a day on Fionn. The day I visited in 2014 the conditions were pretty good, with the wind blowing from the south. I fished along the south shore and caught maybe a dozen trout, average about 6-8oz. I also took my second-ever char. I find the fish here aren't too fussy about which flies you use. An absolutely beautiful place!

  • General Comments   6 years 8 weeks ago

    I've been refused Sunday boat hire on Loch Drumbeg but there doesn't seem to be an issue with walk-in lochs. If someone complained to me I would refer them to whoever sold the permit. If they are happy to take your money for a date that falls on a Sunday I can't see why it should be a problem.

  • Loch Crocach   6 years 26 weeks ago

    Fished this one day last week. This is normally jumping with small trout but was pretty dour - it was bright and VERY windy. Got 4 in total, all small bar one of just under a pound. Also tried some of the other lochs but nothing doing.

  • Fionn Loch   6 years 29 weeks ago

    A group of us hiked up the river. We were planning on going to Kirkaig Falls but I wanted to fish. Conditions were very wet and soggy. Beautiful hike. Only had time to fish the area where the water just leaves the Loch. Water was high from recent rains. All the grasses on the banks were under water. Caught 6 beautiful small browns. Lost two. Did this in just over an hour. They were not hitting hard so I missed a few strikes. Caught the last 4 where the Loch water starts to move and becomes the river. I was the only one fishing. We didn't have time to see the falls but it was a very enjoyable day to be out and getting a chance to fish.

  • General Comments   6 years 30 weeks ago

    Thanks, fair enough about the specific lochs for AAG, although i've just checked my permit for the crofters trust info and there is nothing about sunday fishing at all, neither on the permit itself or the crofters website.

  • General Comments   6 years 30 weeks ago

    The Assynt Crofters Trust say there is no Sunday fishing with their permit information. The Assynt Angling Group rules on their website specify No Sunday fishing on Lochs Assynt (S10/E6), School (S4), Glencanisp (S5), or Awe (E17).

    Hope that helps!

  • The Manse Loch   6 years 30 weeks ago

    Fished this loch today. It seemed like it hasnt been fished by many people or in a while, because it wasnt as accessible as i remember in the past, with thick, head height bracken a lot of the way. On return home, i spent 15 minutes inspecting my wrists, waste band and ankles for ticks, of which i found many!

    I had four in the half pound mark, and many other takes, which i was satisfied with. 3 fell to a standard invicta, 1 fell to a black muddler.

    I wanted to go round to the far side, but i was pushed for time, and each little 10-cast headland or bay was quite an effort to get to. One needs a boat.

    All in all, it's a decent fishery in picturesque surroundings, but could do with a path to be re-beaten to it.

  • General Comments   6 years 30 weeks ago

    Hi, I was reprimanded by someone for fishing here on a sunday. I have been visiting here since i was a child and have never heard of this. On the chance that i may have been somewhat ignorant about this and not wishing to offend local customs, I checked several websites which said that whilst it isnt illegal, it is frowned upon on some waters. However, i've now checked the booklet, which should be what permit holders have to go by, and it says nothing about sunday fishing. Could you clarify this? Thanks. P.s. i blanked :)

  • Loch na Faoileige (The Gull Loch)   6 years 30 weeks ago

    Had great sport with medium sized trout in bright sunlight and patchy cloud on 10th September. Caught more than a dozen fish in 1.5 hours with two fish caught at once on 3 occasions. It was a lucky day as there was a lot of flies on the water (heather fly, daddies and another that looked like a large mayfly) so the trout were very active on the surface. The largest was 14 inches and a 1 lb which I suspect is one of the larger specimens in the loch. I only stayed for a couple of hours as I wanted to move over to fish loch na beinne rheide and camp for the night. James Dunlop

  • Loch na Beinne Reidhe   6 years 30 weeks ago

    lost/missed 3 fish and caught 1 in bright sunlight with little wind on 10th of september. All takes were in the north corner where it was sheltered from the sun. Nothing rising so I fished with wets. The fish I caught was 16 inches and in good condition so around 1.5 lbs. James Dunlop

  • Cam Loch   6 years 33 weeks ago


    It's a shame you had problems getting permits but details on where you can buy permits are on this site are available here:

  • Cam Loch   6 years 33 weeks ago

    Fished the north-west shore (starting from where the path heads up towards Fada) in very windy conditions with some heavy rain making fishing impossible at times. Gave up after 3hrs.
    Just 3 small but pretty fish, taken on a silver march brown.

    Hands-up, I didn't have a ticket! I drove to Inchnadamph hotel as I normally do to get a day ticket, but it was closed-up (out of season?). I then drove into Lochinver and went to the fancy hotel up on the hill to be told "We haven't been given any ticket books yet". I didn't know where else to try and had already wasted enough of my day!

  • Un-named Loch (‘Little Green’)   6 years 34 weeks ago

    Fishing trip early may 2014. Caught 17 inch trout in good condition in a good ripple. This was one of 2 fish seen rising.A wellcome fish after an unsuccessful trip to the green corrie loch.

  • Loch Bealach a’ Mhadaidh   6 years 34 weeks ago

    Around 10 fish caught up to 1 1b with 6 caught in flat calm on a black pennell during a hatch of black midges.Great very visual fishing. This loch is one of my favourites and always produces good sport in a variety of conditions. James

  • Loch Mhoalach-coire (‘Loch Gillaroo’)   6 years 39 weeks ago

    Fished this early June. Started off very warm and almost completely still - hard work in the clear water. A breath of breeze and change to a tiny sparse nymph fly brought a few catches but nothing of any real size. Beautiful trout though. Then the heavens opened - it was like someone had dumped a giant bucket of bullets on the loch. The Trailigill was a raging brown torrent by the time I got down.

  • General Comments   6 years 43 weeks ago

    It's a good question, Jerome. I certainly didn't notice much over 13 inches this year ! but in some places an abundance of 'average' trout....

    I think it highlights the need for some fisheries science work looking at populations in a sample of different types of loch - breeding patterns, growth, effect of different geology/fauna, effect of removal of different sizes of fish in different types of lcoation. Really, there is very little known about these issues in Assynt as there has been very little work done. If others are interested it would be good to look for some ways to develop this (whilst protecting identity of locations etc.) which could help inform future practice and guidance.

  • Loch Awe   6 years 43 weeks ago

    I think that is a different loch awe you refer to?

  • General Comments   6 years 45 weeks ago

    I'm wondering if other "regulars" of Assynt lochs have the same experience as mine this year : in many lochs where I usually only caught nice trouts (let's say 13 inches and over) the last years, this year I catch trouts of the same size plus smaller ones, I mean "average" trouts around 8-11 inches. Does it mean that there were good spawing years since 2011 or so ? Or is there another explication ? I would be glad to understand...


    Jean D.

  • Loch Awe   6 years 45 weeks ago

    heading 2 loch awe sunday and monday n tuesday heading up dalavich side before there nice wee bay fished for years always produced fish up until 4years ago and had mostly small catches and perch and some eels just want some information on how its fishing any info would b great

  • General Comments   6 years 45 weeks ago

    The Assynt Fishing Feis is on August 6th and 7th. A must for local and visiting anglers.

    There's an Introduction to Fly Tying & Casting on August 6th and the Assynt Open Fishing Competition on August 7th. The Assynt Games, including the casting competition, follows the next day.


  • General Comments   6 years 45 weeks ago

    There's everything from bat evenings to ranger walks to craft days - see details here:

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