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  • Loch Uidh na Geadaig   6 years 19 weeks ago

    Fished Uidh Na Gedaig late on Friday 12th July '13. Supposedly this loch has lots of small fish that are easy to catch. However; to begin with struggled to catch anything. But after a while we started picking up fish & they were quite small in the 4-6" bracket. Noticed fish were more up in the water so I ginked up my grenadier & started picking up better fish 8" upwards. Had one about 10" then the next fish that I connected with was much bigger & I ended up losing him in the weeds. I suspect he was well over a pound but that will be yet another fish that I can ponder for the rest of my life. Ironically the wind, which is supposed to be your friend up this way (or so I read) actually switched the fishing off. Up to the point the wind picked up I'd probably had 9 fish in just over an hour & my other 2 colleagues had several fish themselves, but once the wind got up that was the end of fishing even below the surface. Though it's only less than a mile from the road it still seems remote & we saw no other anglers which just goes to show you don't have to yomp for miles to get the solitude.

  • Loch Beannach   6 years 19 weeks ago

    I noticed that not many fishermen (or women) had posted comments & as someone who was an Assynt virgin I had scoured this site for clues leading up to 'the lads annual fishing weekend'; so for what it's worth here are mine! 3 of us fished Beannach on Friday, Thursday had been blue sky & 20 degrees but Friday was cloudy & barely 14. We took the belly boat which became a blessing because only 4 fish were caught from the bank, However; 14 fish came from the belly boat including a double hook up of an 11" fish & 7" together. Very exciting! Killing flies were Kate McKlaren, Gold muddler, & grenadier. Caught quite a few fish whilst finning back up the loch with the flies left out! I suppose this is manual trolling, which I'm unsure whether's legal but was immense fun & as all fish were returned so it couldn't be that bad! Beautiful loch with only one other fisher who was using the boat at the far end so was no concern to us. Left early to fish Lochh Uid na Gedaig due to the poor bank fishing (or fishermen) on Beannach.

  • Cam Loch   6 years 20 weeks ago

    Been fishing this area for about 20yrs the Cam Loch and the Veyatie fish best in May, June and September - if you want excellent brown trout fishing April, May and June there are four lochs near Achiltibuie and they are all at the roadside before l mention them people think they have to hike 4/5 miles into the hills to pick up decent trout when they are available at the roadside - they are Loch Vattican, Loch Raa and the two lochs that sit together Old Dornie harbour and if you want trout about a pound and half - look up on the hill above Loch Vattican next to the mast there are two one of them is Loch Na-Beastie the other is Loch Dubh - if you take a short drive from Loch Vattican to the cairn above Port Bheag chalets you will see a loch about thirty mins walk called Loch Taig (youu will get a permit from Badentarbert Lodge or thhe craft shop in Polbain. Just back from a weeks fishing in June went to Badentarbert lodge for permit when he took the book out my name was the last entry from the previous year! - no poachers - six of us caught around 200 brown trout between us all returned - except a few for breakfast! Looking forward to returning in September to fish the Cam and Veyatie.

  • Loch Na Saighe Duibhe   6 years 21 weeks ago

    Had a quick cast on this and another couple close-by, nothing caught or spotted, but very windy and difficult conditions.
    I was on my way back from Loch a' Croisg - which is not listed here, where I returned about 10 quarter pounders, during a 3 hr session, again very windy and difficult. Quite a hike to this Loch (I came from Loch Awe side) better to go via the path past Cam Loch.

  • Loch Na Gruagaich   6 years 21 weeks ago

    Spent 30mins on it in very windy conditions, on the way back to the car after fishing some Lochs further up.
    Returned one quarter pounder and lost a couple similar (on a 12 Zulu). Pretty little loch must visit again in better conditions.

  • Cam Loch   6 years 22 weeks ago

    I confirm what Stuart Taylor wrote in his 30th of June post : heading to some lochan between Cam Loch and Loch Veyatie one sunday morning of May 2013, around, I saw on the opposite bank of the first bay of Cam Loch when coming from the road, three folks fishing with static lines. I could see them well with my binoculars, but I was too far to speak with them. One comment of June 2011 had already pointed the problem, I see. I think the Assynt Angling Group should be vigilant with that.

    By the way, that day, after a long walk along Cam Loch, II fished Lochan Nigheadh. Looked good, even if I haven't seen any fish moving, but I totally blanked. Would be very glad to read reports of -hopefully successful...- fishermen on that loch...

    Jérôme D.

  • General Comments   6 years 22 weeks ago

    Excuse the late post from Australia but wanted to record another fabulous week at the Assynt Foundation's fabulous Glencanisp Lodge. We had sunshine at both ends of our week and the full range of weather in between. There were three serious fishers in out party of 17 and much of the week was spent in the company of ghillie extraordinaire Stephen Smith of Highland School of Fly Fishing in Elphin. No big trout for the week - most returned but about 6 taken for breakfast. 21/5 Loch Veyatie - cold and windy 1 trout - we lasted till just after lunch. 22/5 Loch Cama - 7 trout. 23/5 Loch Awe 4 trout - never been so cold in all my life - snow and hail - lasted till lunchtime and retreated to The Caberfeidh for proven liquid remedies for hypothermia! 24/5 - highlight of the week - returned to Loch Veyatie - 5 trout - in sunny calm conditions - took boat to top of the loch and fished river in Fionn Loch - great fun and I defy anybody to show me a more jaw droppingly beautiful place to fish for wild brown trout. Hope to return in 2014. Most fish on standard patterns - grouse and claret, blue zulu, soldier palmer. Keep up the good work Assynt Angling and the Assynt Foundation. David Nicolson

  • Cam Loch   6 years 22 weeks ago

    Fished Cam Loch for the first time, warm and blustery Saturday afternoon. Bank only, around the South end. Caught/returned about a dozen, biggest about a half pound, all beautifully marked with quite some differences.
    Mostly on a dry mini daddy (fished wet) which was the nearest I had to some brown flies (sorry I'm no entomologist!) that were being consumed as soon as they hit the water.
    Had planned a couple of casts on Veyatie but ran out of time, had several casts on the little connecting burn and had 2 on the same cast!

    Walked past the Elphin Hatchery, what do they do there exactly?

    Lots of bird-life.
    Disappointed to see the calling card of a fishmonger, ie a pile of nylon lying on bank with hook & shrivelled worm still attached. Disposed of this.

    Stuart Taylor

  • General Comments   6 years 25 weeks ago

    Assynt Fly Fishing - - is a (relatively) new Facebook page run by local angler, Stewart Yates.
    There's some good updates on his fishing up there and some great videos and photos. he also has a new website:

    Stewart has just started doing guiding and tuition for trout fishing in Assynt.

    The research we did from 2009-2012 (see ) suggested that this was the sort of angling service that could be expanded to help local employment so it is great to see this get off the ground.

    Adam Brown
    (Assynt Angling Info, Substance)

  • Leave Your Comments   6 years 25 weeks ago

    For the fishermen interested in colors and shapes of Assynt's trouts, which can even vary within a loch, I regulary post pictures on a Flickr gallery called "Trouts of Assynt".

    Names of the lochs are volontary fake or vague, but the mentionned area is always accurate. Click on picture to get details. Comments welcome. Here's the link :

    J. Dupuis

  • Loch Thormaid   6 years 25 weeks ago

    For the second year running tried a couple of these lochs without any success or sign of fish, although it was cold. Has anyone else caught anything here in recent years? Whilst it did have a good population of growing trout a few years ago, these seem to have disappeared - or become very shy!

    If you have any experience, let us know...

  • Loch an Aon Aite   6 years 25 weeks ago

    There is certainly no evidence that these small lochs and lochans are under any kind of angling pressure.

    Stuffed to the gills with small, pretty, free rising trout. Aon Aite is the Invicta fan club central but trout in all the lochans were also enthusiasts of the Pearly Bibio... There are trout in some very small water bodies but the three larger unnamed lochans to the north east of Aon Aite also performed well - at times you could barely get a line out for a small trout (or two at times) attaching themselves to the fly. And all this in bright sun.

  • Loch Cul Fraoich   6 years 25 weeks ago

    A cold wind which then died suddenly didn't help. One small trout to show for 3 hours in the evening.

  • Unnamed lochans near Loch Crocach and Cnoc nan Caorach.   6 years 47 weeks ago

    I think some of these comments are a bit unfair on Cathel, who has done as much if not more than anyone to help the development of angling in Assynt and make it available to us. Not very long ago access to much of Assynt was restricted to the very few and he has helped change this over the last 20 years.

    His book covers just 30 lochs and the vast majority are the larger ones - there's maybe 2 or 3 that could be described as 'small' and there's over 300 in Assynt. you can fish for days and not see anyone.

    As Adams research shows the total No.s fishing in Assynt is still very low:
    Some perspective please!

  • Unnamed lochans near Loch Crocach and Cnoc nan Caorach.   6 years 51 weeks ago

    These comments go back to 2009 when I warned about the dangers of irresponsibly publicising small sensitive lochs. It is interesting to note that in the years since that pressure has got worse as I see more and more anglers going up to them. I have asked them how they learnt about them and nearly all of them say they read a book by Cathel. I see this book is now even in angling tackle catalogues. Unlike Bruce Sandisons book this book targets a few lochs while Sandisons book is so massive and far reaching that the information is somewhat diluted and thus less targeted. I suppose Cathel has got his 15 mins of fame but at what potential cost?

  • Lochan a Choire Ghuirm (Green Corrie Lochs)   6 years 51 weeks ago

    In recent years due to the book and other irresponsible publicity, some of the small hill lochs are being put under a lot of pressure. I have been fishing the area for over 25 years and an important part of the respect that you develop for the area and fish is the hard work in figuring it out for yourself. Those who are attracted to easy answers are less likely to have that respect. For many years I rarely encountered people. In 2012 I visited various lochs in June and saw unprecedented numbers of people. On one small hill loch when I arrived there were 4 anglers there. While I was fishing 2 more arrived. 2 left and I left after returning the fish I caught. As I walked down I encountered 3 more going up to the same small loch. Sorry but it is starting to get ridiculous. Speaking to other long term regulars in the hotel there was considerable unease about what is going on and the effect it can have on small lochs. If the book had to be written it would have been better to focus on larger lochs which arguably could benefit from some pressure and then left small hill lochs for those who are committed and develop care and respect for the area from hard work and experience.

  • General Comments   7 years 1 week ago

    Graham, Jerome, Could you please drop me an email to anglingresearch[AT] ?
    Thanks, Adam

  • The Manse Loch   7 years 8 weeks ago

    Forgotten what a lovely spot this is! Definitely need the boat as bank is covered in trees. Was blowing a gale which made navigating with the boat and fishing very tricky (boat seemed light in the water?), but landed a few, best of a pound. Black pennel on the end worked well. Saw an eagle overhead as well which was a treat.

    Re access, follow the link to map directions given on this page although past Torbreck House it is very tree covered and boggy.

  • General Comments   7 years 8 weeks ago

    I have created a number of forums over the last ten years mainly with friends who stay at the Scourie Hotel in a certain week in June. But we extended the membership to like minded anglers who know the Assynt area well and included all areas north of Ulapool to Rhiconich within our discussion topics.But MSN groups changed and it was transferred to a variety of different social media type sites but with a locked group format. This was to protect as Jerome says the gems we have all discovered and even created over the last thirty years. But with Facebook being so dominant the group has faded away with less enthusiasm and as a last resort I started a Facebook group. We (around 22 of us) would certainly support a group based around Assynt fishing as we all have fished here and intend to do more as long as the limbs are able. Thinking of walking and fishing from Tongue to Ulapool next June via Inchnadamph but don't let my Wife know as that permit is yet to be secured. cheers Graham

  • General Comments   7 years 9 weeks ago

    Thanks for all your comments recently everyone. (I’ve moved these to ‘General Comments’ as they are more general issues).

    We did look into a forum for the site when the Lottery funded research project was still live but decided against it due to the amount of moderation it can take. However, we can look at this again if people would use it (at the moment we don't have any funding to support this site, so we need to sort that out first).

    The central issue raised here is about striking a balance between:
    i)Maintaining/increasing visiting anglers' access to Assynt (through more and improved information provision - Cathel's book, our website, information in the tourist office etc.) and
    ii) Preserving what it is everyone loves about fishing there (remoteness, fishing sustainably/properly, not seeing other anglers etc.).

    That is an age old issue in rural development, but it is not one that can't be managed properly to increase local community benefit - angling 'tourism' is an important part of assynt's long term sustainability.

    I'll try and do a longer blog/post about this for people to comment on as it is too long a debate for a comment post. However, as a first step have a look at our Assynt Angling reports which highlight these issues, present data on actually how much trout angling does take place and suggest three levels of ongoing development?

    This is the link to the Final Report on Assynt:

    And this is the link to the permit sales/rod days data in more detail:

    As a matter of fact, I’ve just been up for a week and didn’t see another angler the entire week... I'll post a couple of reports soon.

  • General Comments   7 years 9 weeks ago

    I do mostly agree with this 16th September comment. But I think Cathel's book (and this website) must just be considered as an (excellent) introduction to the fishing in Assynt. As you say, there are hundreds of lochs in the area. And not so many folks in the moor... I fished there every day last May, mostly remote and montaineous lochs without any path from the road and I've seen... one fisherman during the whole month, including around lochs mentionned in Cathel's book !

    By the way, one suggestion to the webmaster of this precious website : sometimes, fishermen don't want to reveal everybody their so called "gems". But it could be interesting for us to be allowed to send "private" or "personnal" messages to one particular author of a message, as it is possible on other forums. As we can see these last days, this forum can be very lively...
    Jérôme D.
    September 19th, 2012 :

  • General Comments   7 years 9 weeks ago

    My brother Peter and I agree completely and we are also thinking of counting the number of lochs we have fished on map 15 since 1971 but it might take a few nights work. Maybe it would be better to look at the lochs we have not fished? But in the meantime some extreme lochs fished in recent years Lochan Dearge a Chuil Mhoir on the east cliffs of Cul Mor, Lochan Dearg on the Coigach and the one above on Beinn an Eoin at 450m but no fish in this one and the series of lochs between Glendhu and Glencoul (called Bein Aird da Loch) there are fish here and some giant rabbits. You will not meet many people at these lochs but great exploring. cheers Graham
    September 24th, 2012

  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   7 years 11 weeks ago

    I fished Lexy's in June and it couldn't have been more different! Bright, hot afternoon sun and little wind - I wasn't hopeful. Fished the eastern end near the track working along the north bank. Had four fish in 3 hours - 1 just under a pound and the other three over 1 1/2lbs each - on a bright organge muddler type fly. Beautiful yellow bellied trout in fine condition hopefully growing bigger for next year.

  • General Comments   7 years 11 weeks ago

    This is my 4th year of fishing in Assynt for a week in September. This year it was extremely windy, making fishing difficult, and indeed impossible on one of the days. Even allowing for the weather, I was less successful than in previous years (although I still hugely enjoyed myself). I mentioned in previous years that the large numbers of free rising tiddlers that were around in 2009 seemed to have disappeared - possibly due to two extreme winters. I suspect that this has now worked through into the 3 to a pound class - which now seem (in my experience) to be less numerous. Does anyone have contrary evidence?

  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   7 years 11 weeks ago

    Monday 11th September, 2012 - I'm back for a short evening session on Loch Lexy. I headed up to the SE corner , where there was a strong Westerly wind causing a big wave - so there was no chance of spotting rising fish. I fished mainly mini-lures, just sub-surface (on a sink tip line), and landed one 5oz trout (safely returned).

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