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  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   1 year 42 weeks ago

    On Sunday afternoon, 2nd June, I set off for Lexy's Loch. It was overcast with a moderate SW to W wind. I fished along the south bank with a variety of flies - no luck and no sign of rising fish. Then around 6:30pm at the SE end, I hooked and landed (and returned) a dark-coloured brown trout which was close to a pound in weight. It took a size 12 long-shank mini-lure of the Sweeny Todd variety. The wind dropped as I worked my way back along westwards, and I noticed small white moths fluttering around, so I tried a size 12 fly with a light olive body and a white hackle. A sizeable trout accepted my offer, then performed aerial acrobatics until it cast off the debarbed hook. I like Lexy's Loch - you may have to wait for offers, but they are usually good sized fish.

  • Loch Assynt   1 year 42 weeks ago

    Just off the phone to Peter to sort the usuals and he’s informed me that now I need to go through the Chandlery for all things fishing, just thought I’d mention for others who may be reading.

    Cheers, Max.

  • General Comments   1 year 46 weeks ago

    My understanding is that the hotel are not doing permits anymore - now through Mackays Hardware in Lochinver. See permit page for details


  • General Comments   1 year 47 weeks ago

    Hi sadly I concur with the original post here and on the two occasions I have been in contact with the hotel it has been very underwhelming, unhelpful and somewhat rude. I find it strange it's been called "out of character" , based on this and a few others experiences. Lochinver is the place to go for proper hospitality and service. Cheers, U.M

  • General Comments   1 year 47 weeks ago

    you can fish above the big falls on an angling assynt group ticket for trout. It is lovely fishing generally and there's a chance of mayfly there too.


  • General Comments   1 year 47 weeks ago

    Thanks for the reply Adam, I did mean the Kirkcaig, I am staying in Lochinver for a week from 15th May. I have passed the river a few times on the way to Fionn and it looks perfect for Euro nymphing. As it is a bit early for the salmon fishers I was hoping to get a chance at the trout.

  • General Comments   1 year 47 weeks ago

    Joanne at Galbraith said to get in touch with her if you want to discuss fishing on the Kirkaig.

    Joanne Potter:
    DD: 01738 456091 | T: 01738 451600

  • General Comments   1 year 47 weeks ago

    I've been in touch with Galbraiths and you can fish for trout lower down, but you need a permit for the beats the same as you would for salmon/sea trout. I am updating their prices and info shortly.


  • General Comments   1 year 47 weeks ago

    I think you can fish for trout the part upstream of the falls, but to my experience mostly small ones ("falling" from Fionn Loch ?)

  • General Comments   1 year 47 weeks ago

    I presume you mean River Kirkaig? I am not sure but will enquire with Galbraiths, or contact them direct via the Kirkaig web page on this site:


  • General Comments   1 year 48 weeks ago

    Can anyone tell me if trout fishing is available on the river Kincraig

  • Loch Cul Fraoich   2 years 2 weeks ago

    Have fished this many times over the last 10 yrs or so with numerous blanks.
    Have had some success but quite what brought about the success is hard to pinpoint. Afternoons seem to have been better and I’ve had luck with flies with a bit of green on them .
    It is a imo a really beautiful atmospheric loch and I’ll always give it ago.
    Back up May 2019.

  • Loch a Choireachain   2 years 5 weeks ago

    After a comparatively mild winter they are likely to be bad in 2019.
    Tuck trousers into socks and shirts into trousers as the shirt/trouser and trouser/sock gap is the most likely place that they can get to you.
    Check your dog for ticks after it has run in long grass or heather.
    Local shops sell tick removal tools and it is sensible to carry one.
    I hike and wild camp several weeks in tick season and taking the above precautions has worked for me.

  • Loch a Choireachain   2 years 5 weeks ago

    I was up for a month in June 2018 and had no ticks at all which is unusal as spend 4 nights on the hill most years. I have stopped wearing shorts and gaiters which was my favoured atire as they kept crawling upwards!! I have some nasty scars where knives have been used to extract the enemy from some akward areas. But generally there are more ticks around than in the past 40 years and more deer up around Suilven. Just keep checking yourself regularly and don't forget that you have freckles which look like ticks after too much whisky

  • General Comments   2 years 11 weeks ago

    That sounds very unusual and out of character for the hotel - have you contacted the hotel about it? I will forward to the angling group, but I'd suggest an email or a call to the hotel might be a good diea?
    - adam

  • General Comments   2 years 13 weeks ago

    I enjoy an annual trip to the amazing lochs some more challenging than others but still the most beautiful place to spend my time.
    This post is a little disappointing as it is to complain about the appalling behaviour of the inchnadamph hotel staff. I entered the premises looking to buy permits for the next day for seven anglers only to be confronted by the most horrible little man who said I have no time for this and stormed off. Now I did not react as some would have and walked out and obtained permits from lochinver. This is one of the main reasons people won't buy permits and I believe this hotel is not serving the local angling clubs well and should not hesitate to contact me if further details are required
    I will be back in the area first week in August but will not be going to the hotel for anything let alone permits

  • Loch Cul Fraoich   2 years 16 weeks ago

    I went several times in september following the worst of the heatwave, i was surprised to see everything so dry! I can only assume that the heat affected the fishing, as i went here several times and blanked!

  • Loch Na Gruagaich   2 years 16 weeks ago

    I had a few hours here after the heat of the summer had abated. Warning signs of scrub fires dotted about the dry moorland.

    It was hard going and all the favourite stillwater traditionals failed. Eventually i changed to slim/epoxy buzzers which accounted for about 6 fish up to a pound.

    I've been here a few times as a love the hill lochs around this area, the majesty of the scenery is wonderful. Every time i've visited i've seen large fish right in the middle jumping clear of the water, but way out of casting range unfortunately.

  • Loch a Choireachain   2 years 21 weeks ago

    I spent two days and a night on the banks of Fionn Loch this June. The fishing was fantastic but I came back with over a dozen tick bites. I spend quite a lot of time in the hills but had only ever been bitten once before. Needless to say I'd think twice about wild camping up this way again, which is a shame.

  • Leave Your Comments   2 years 34 weeks ago

    I fished in Assynt in late June and early July this year(2018) The heatwave reached the Northwest Highlands after a couple of days,relentless sunshine and the water in the Lochs becoming unnaturally warm.The returns after the first few sessions were very limited Since then the temperatures have dropped and more rain has fallen but the question is’Has the fishing improved?’ I am considering coming north in the second week of September,am I wasting my time?


  • Loch Bad na Murichinn   2 years 37 weeks ago

    As the nearest loch to our accommodation, I fished here several times, with and without my grandchildren. The loch is stuffed with hungry and obliging trout. Although we caught nothing over 6 oz. it is a splendid beginners loch. It is easier to fish it from a boat as most of the banks are steep and/or wooded. I found the north shore to be most productive and most of my fish came to a Bibio or Kate McLaren although they were not fussy. Although it is only 20 minutes from the road we had it to ourselves on every occasion.

  • Loch a Ghilnne Sgoilte   2 years 37 weeks ago

    Used the boat to get to the far end of Bad na Muirichinn and fished the two nearest hill lochs. Lots of small trout which came enthusiastically to anything fished on the surface.

  • General Comments   2 years 40 weeks ago

    Great news for anybody needing an accessible boat where they have mobility issues (including wheelchair users). The Assynt Crofters' Trust has just launched a 'wheely boat' on Loch Drumbeg:

  • Loch a Choireachain   2 years 44 weeks ago

    Just following up this post about ticks. For advice and a free tick removal tool, go to:

    Not sure if they're worse than normal this year - what's people's experience?


  • Loch a Choireachain   2 years 44 weeks ago

    I fished this loch for an hour in late evening on 23/5/18. There was a moderate East wind, and I restricted my casting to the south west corner. I landed 4 fish ranging from 2 to 8oz on a size 12 with a silver body, red tag tail and teal wing. On my way back to the road I stumbled and fell in the heather. On the following day I discovered that my legs were covered in lumps from tiny ticks, which my wife carefully removed.
    I usually wear waterproof over-trousers which make it difficult for ticks to get a grip, but this time I was careless, and didn't wear them.

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