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trolling for ferox 2021?


I was hoping someone could help me find out of trolling on Veyatie is allowed. It seems to be taken off the current rules for the AAC(I have what must be an out of date leaflet stating it is ok in the house). Do Ledmore Estate allow this on their boats can anyone tell me?

Many Thanks

trolling for ferox 2021?

Hi Graeme

I think AAG no longer have a boat on Veyatie but will confirm with them and report back.

It looks like Ledmore do have a boat:

Ideally we should add Ledmore fishing to this site (along with a general overhaul) - if we could get the resources to do it!

Adam Brown

Ah I see, may be troublesome

Ah I see, may be troublesome trying to troll without a boat! I'll check in with Ledmore then.

Thanks for your reply

Ah I see, may be troublesome

Have you never heard of the sport of 'swim trolling' ;-)

Seriously - I'll get back to you as soon as I hear back.


NEW Assynt Angling Group website

The Assynt Angling Group has a new website:

This has details of their fishing, permits and boats.

You can also get details of their lochs on this website by going to...

...and using the filter to select Assynt Angling Group.

We have updated the links to their website but if you find any that are still broken, let us know.

Calling all sea anglers!

All sea anglers are encouraged to record their catches for the Sea Angling Diary project . You get a free app, waterproof phone case and catch recording kit including Fish ID guide! Your information about what you catch will help demonstrate the impact and value of sea angling.

The project is run by Substance ( who manage this website and have delivered lots of research on angling.

Response to recent queries

Dubh loch mor and dubh loch beag are included in the east zone permit. Spinning and trolling is permitted on lochs assynt, cam and beannach. Spinning is permitted on a 4 mile stretch of loch assynt from ardveck castle westwards. Float tubes are permitted except on loch awe and glen loch. The AAG website is not retrievable but a new domain should be up and running before the start of the season. Permit prices unchanged for 2021- £7.50 day / £40 week (weekly covers all 3 zones). Boat bookings through mackays hardware in lochinver (01571844442-advance bookings will be taken from March 15th. Advance bookings for Sunday to Thursday only. Friday and Saturday can be booked day before.

Response to recent queries

Dubh loch mor and dubh loch beag are included in the east zone permit. Spinning/ trolling is okay from boats on lochs assynt, beannach and Cam. Spinning from the bank is permitted on a 4 mile section of assynt, from ardveck castle westwards. Float tubes are permitted except on loch awe and glen loch. There is no bait fishing anywhere. No coarse fish are present. The assynt angling group website is not recoverable but a new website will be launched prior to the start of the season. Permit prices unchanged for 2021- £7.50 per day / £40 week (roving, covers all 3 zones). Boat bookings via mackays hardware in lochinver (01571844442- advance bookings will be taken from 15th March).

Dare I ask.......Spinning

Much as I love fly fishing I sometimes like to cast out a small mepps using a seven foot lightweight rod. I see that spinning is permitted at Loch Borralan and read that there was a four mile stretch of bank on Loch Assynt (not sure exactly which bit). My question, are there other Lochs where spinning is allowed?


Not many - the two you have identified and you can spin from a boat on Cam and Veyatie, but I think it's only trolling that is allowed. The Assynt Angling Group website has been down for ages which has the precise rules on it - I will try and find out more and feed back


Hi All, much as I like fly fishing, I also enjoy spinning on light tackle like the small mepps spoons. Can you point me to where I can find information on which of the Assynt Lochs I can use spinners - if at all possible within club rules. Thanks

Float tubes

Please could you tell me if float tubes are permitted on the Assynt Lochs?

Float tubes

Hi, Yes as far as we know and people definitely use them. Might be worth double checking when buying permits for info on particular lochs.

Pike fishing

Hi , I was wondering if they were pike in these waters and if so are pike anglers allowed 2 fish the waters ,,,, no fish will be killed

Pike fishing

Hi There,

There are no pike in these waters.

- Adam

Deer Stalking

Hi,i'm heading up next week. Looking to fish some remote, high lochs in the South zone. Are there any access issues as a result of deer stalking in the area. Thanks

Deer Stalking

You're probably best contacting the Assynt Foundation to ask as South Zone is mostly on their land.


Hi don't know if my messages are getting through but can you get the permits to other vendors.They only available at the hardware store in lochinver a few weeks ago.thanks



Yes you can. There is an update from both the Assynt Anglers Group and the Assynt Crofters' Trust in the comments section on the right (see Covid Update AAG and Covid Update ACT).

Details of all vendors are under the Places to Fish tab on this website:


Opening hours may change so might be worth ringing in advance.

Hope that helps

Assynt angling Group Website

The site appears to not be working ,nor is the link to it from your website

Assynt angling group website

Hi, Thanks - yes we are aware of this and have raised it. We are independent of all the organisations who own the fishing and have no control over their website, which has been down for a while. You should be able to get all the information that was on that on here anyway, but let us know if there's something particular you need to know.
Best regards

Covid Update - Assynt Angling Group

The Assynt Angling Group fishing will be open to all from July 3rd. This will include both boat and bank.

Advice for anglers:
If you have symptoms do not leave home and follow Government advice.
Practice Good Hygiene - Use hand sanitiser before and after touching locks, gates etc. Disposable gloves and use of face masks where appropriate are recommended.
You should only travel to fishing venues on your own or with members of your household – comply with all current guidelines on social distancing whilst traveling/walking.
Maintain distance from other people (unless members of your household) in line with Government guidance.
Do not share any fishing tackle or other items.
Boats will only be used for one booking per day, swapping anglers is not permitted.
Boats should only be shared by persons from the same household.
While using boats, please try to minimise contact and we ask that all anglers wipe down surfaces/contact points after use.
Due to the difficulties in cleaning and sanitizing of lifejackets, we ask that where possible, anglers use their own lifejackets

Covid Update - Assynt Crofters Trust

Information from Assynt Crofters' Trust

From the 3rd fishing will be open to all again, but not boats. There is more work to do to ensure cleaning/disinfecting plans are in place.

The ACT office in Stoer is open Mon-Fri 9-3pm for permits.

Boats will be available from 20th July, also from the office.

The Trust want people to be sensible - keep the necessary distance and wash hands regularly. There will be sanitiser in the office to clean rowlocks etc.

There are no price changes this year.

trout fishing

just wondering if the trout fishing has started up again and if there are any issues getting permits . i am planning to head up end of next week as travel restrictions will be eased

trout fishing

The Assynt Angling Group permits will be on sale from July 3rd.

I am hoping to get a full update uploaded this weekend, I just need to find out a bit more detail on what's happening across the board.

(FYI we are not sellers of permits).
Best, Adam

Will fishing in assynt re

Will fishing in assynt re open on the 28th of may?

Is the resuming resuming on the 28th

From the 28th of may will we be able to buy permits from the usual places again. Is assynt angling opening up?

Anyone lost a fishing bag?

Hi I found a fishing bag when out last week. If you or anyone you know of has lost a bag with flies in it recently please get in touch with me asap. Cheers Adam Brown

Lost bag

Hi Adam. Sorry but I have only just seen your post. My friend lost a small bag with a number of fly boxes etc when we were fishing in early Sept 19. We were fishing the 2 un-named lochs just to the east of the Clachtol road. We had parked the car beside the path down to Alltan na Bradhan. He did check with local police in case it had been handed in. Can you let me know how best to contact you? Many thanks Colin Campbell

Lost Fishing Bag

Sounds like the one - good news! I have sent you email.

River Kincraig

Can anyone tell me if trout fishing is available on the river Kincraig


I think you can fish for trout the part upstream of the falls, but to my experience mostly small ones ("falling" from Fionn Loch ?)


I've been in touch with Galbraiths and you can fish for trout lower down, but you need a permit for the beats the same as you would for salmon/sea trout. I am updating their prices and info shortly.



Joanne at Galbraith said to get in touch with her if you want to discuss fishing on the Kirkaig.

Joanne Potter:
DD: 01738 456091 | T: 01738 451600

Kirkaig trout

you can fish above the big falls on an angling assynt group ticket for trout. It is lovely fishing generally and there's a chance of mayfly there too.


HiI presume you mean River

I presume you mean River Kirkaig? I am not sure but will enquire with Galbraiths, or contact them direct via the Kirkaig web page on this site:


River Kirkcraig

Thanks for the reply Adam, I did mean the Kirkcaig, I am staying in Lochinver for a week from 15th May. I have passed the river a few times on the way to Fionn and it looks perfect for Euro nymphing. As it is a bit early for the salmon fishers I was hoping to get a chance at the trout.

Obtaining permits

I enjoy an annual trip to the amazing lochs some more challenging than others but still the most beautiful place to spend my time.
This post is a little disappointing as it is to complain about the appalling behaviour of the inchnadamph hotel staff. I entered the premises looking to buy permits for the next day for seven anglers only to be confronted by the most horrible little man who said I have no time for this and stormed off. Now I did not react as some would have and walked out and obtained permits from lochinver. This is one of the main reasons people won't buy permits and I believe this hotel is not serving the local angling clubs well and should not hesitate to contact me if further details are required
I will be back in the area first week in August but will not be going to the hotel for anything let alone permits

Hi sadly I concur with the

Hi sadly I concur with the original post here and on the two occasions I have been in contact with the hotel it has been very underwhelming, unhelpful and somewhat rude. I find it strange it's been called "out of character" , based on this and a few others experiences. Lochinver is the place to go for proper hospitality and service. Cheers, U.M


My understanding is that the hotel are not doing permits anymore - now through Mackays Hardware in Lochinver. See permit page for details


Obtaining permits reply

That sounds very unusual and out of character for the hotel - have you contacted the hotel about it? I will forward to the angling group, but I'd suggest an email or a call to the hotel might be a good diea?
- adam

Accessible boat on Loch Drumbeg

Great news for anybody needing an accessible boat where they have mobility issues (including wheelchair users). The Assynt Crofters' Trust has just launched a 'wheely boat' on Loch Drumbeg:

Salmon catch and release

The new gradings of Scottish rivers means mandatory catch and release on the Inver catchment in 2018 , which includes Loch Assynt and tributaries (it was downgraded from Category 2 to category 3).

The Kirkaig remains Category 1.

Help Assynt Leisure Centre

Please see below for details of a crowdfunding scheme to help maintain Assynt Leisure centre.

The centre is not only areally important local asset, it has been a vital resource for visitors as well. Indeed, back a few years, the development of this website and the wider research project was dependent on it for internet access - and Kelly and all have been hugely helpful over many years, including promoting this website.

Please help if you can.

Crowdfunding for External Paintwok at Assynt Leisure Centre

We're raising £2,500 to Repaint the exterior of Assynt Leisure Centre in Lochinver

Assynt Leisure is a community run, registered charity, providing Sport, Youth and Learning opportunities for the community of Assynt and surrounding area.

Assynt Leisure offers something for everyone in our community and is a lasting testament to the resourcefulness and industry of the people of Assynt.

This well used facility would not exist were it not for a large and determined group of volunteers.

With reducing support from the local authority, and limited income, Assynt Leisure is struggling to meet ongoing running costs, and maintenance costs in particular. The exterior of building is in great need of a coat of paint, and we are now looking to raise funds to do this.

We will enlist the help of volunteers to help with the painting, but we need to buy the paint and appoint a local contractor to co-ordinate the work.

Every penny will help!!


Just fished large bay below inchnadamph hotel caught and released 9 browns around 12 inches best flies skinny bodied black hopper with lime green tag and peter Ross emerger fished between 9.30am and 1 pm weather sunny with slight breeze

Loch assynt

Just fished large bay below inchnadamph hotel from 9.30am til 1pm caught and released 9 browns all around 12 inches best fly was skinny bodied black hopper with lime green tag and peter Ross emerger nice day little breeze fish lying well out from bank

Shore fishing

Recently completed the North Coast 500 in a motor home and en route fished at Clashnessie. The beach itself is very shallow so I headed further round the bay on the left using a fairly overgrown path. I chose a suitable rock, and found a good depth of water in front. I only had spinning tackle but it was almost a fish a chuck. Only small coleys to 1lb but gret sport. Would love to have a crack here again with bottom fishing gear. Tight lines!

Changes to Tourist Info Centre location

If you are not yet aware, the former Tourist Information Centre - which sells fishing permits for b oth Assynt Angling Group and Assynt Crofters Trust - has now moved to the Mission Building next to the playing field in Culag Park.

The details are:
01463 244118

e-mail: Lochinver [ at] Visit

The Mission,
Culag Park,
IV27 4LE

Opening Times

Monday 10:00 16:30
Tuesday 10:00 16:30
Wednesday 10:00 16:30
Thursday 10:00 16:30
Friday 10:00 16:30
Saturday 10:00 16:30
Sunday 11:00 15:00

Tourist Centre Opening hours

I'm up on my fishing week to Assynt. As usual, I arrive on Saturday evening, then stroll down to the Tourist Info Centre on Sunday morning to buy weekly permits - and this time I headed to its new location at the Mission around mid-day - only to find that it is shut on Sundays! Ok - it has turned into a wild day and so I may only be tempted by a short spell of un-permitted fishing in late evening.
Maybe the permit sales should be relocated to the Spar, which seems to have more acceptable opening hours

I just paid the next day

Same thing happened to me, so just went fishing and went in the next day and paid. They did think I was a bit too honest and mad when I explained that I wanted to pay for fishing the day before, but it is very important to put your money in for the upkeep.