Where to Buy Your Permit

Click below to get details of the different fishing permits, cost and where to buy them.

  1. Assynt Crofters’ Trust
  2. Assynt Angling Group
  3. Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing

For guidance you can see the boundaries of the various permit areas on this map.

Assynt Crofters’ Trust

ACT Permit Prices

Daily Permit: £10
Weekly: £30
Season: £45
Boat hire: £15 per day
Children fish free

ACT Permit outlets

  1. ACT Office, STOER(Mon-Fri 9am-2pm) Tel:01571 855298.
  2. Drumbeg Stores Drumbeg (01571 833235)
  3. Clachtoll Beach Campsite, Clachtoll, IV27 4JD
  4. Flossie's Beach Store, Clachtoll IV27 4JD
  5. Lochinver Landscapes, Main St, Lochinver, IV27 4JY
  6. Mackay's Hardware, Culag Gardens, Lochinver IV27 4JR

ACT Boat permits:

Boat permits are available from the ACT Office, STOER (Tel. 01571 855298). Office hours are 9am-3pm Mon-Fri.For more information on Assynt Crofter’s Trust Sport and Game, please go to:

Assynt Angling Group

AAG Permit Prices

Assynt Angling Group sells its permits in 3 ‘zones’ - East, West and South.
Daily Permit: £7.50 Single Zone only
£40 Roving (All Zones)
Season: (Bank only) £75 Roving (All Zones)
Season: £150 - Bank and Boat Inclusive (All Zones)

All vendors (see below) sell day and weekly permits for all zones.
Season and boat permits are only available from Mackay's Hardware.

AAG Permit outlets

  1. Mackay's Hardware, Culag Gardens, Lochinver IV27 4JR (01571 844 442)david@lochinverchandlery.co.uk
  2. Kylesku Hotel, Kylesku, IV27 4HW, Tel: +44 (0) 1971 502231; email:info@kyleskuhotel.co.uk

For more information on Assynt Angling Group, please go to:

AAG Boat Permits

Boats are available on many lochs and are £15 per boat (max 3 people).
Boat engines:
Loch Assynt boat and engine - £40
Fionn Loch boat and engine - £30
Cam Loch optional engine - £15

Boat permits are available from:
Mackay's Hardware, Culag Gardens. Boats may be booked in advance from Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday bookings can be made the day before.
Please note that Mackays may be closed at lunch time on Saturday and all day Sunday. Boat keys for Sunday bookings can be collected on Saturday morning.

Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing

Assynt has a number of rivers that get runs of salmon and sea trout which visitors can fish for. You can access these in a number of ways.

Assynt Crofters' Trust

Sea trout run up the Manse system from Loch Roe through the Manse Loch and to Loch an Tuirc. These can be fished for on a normal ACT permit - see the Manse Loch for details.

Assynt Angling Group

There are a number of lochs and sections of river that come under the AAG’s permits that contain migratory fish. These are detailed on the AAG website and permit guide and include: Loch Assynt, Loch Culag, Loch Druim Suardalain, Loch Awe and Loch Ailsh.

River Inver and River Kirkaig

The most famous salmon rivers in the area are the Inver and Kirkaig. Most of the runs tend to occur from July onwards. Fishing in these rivers is owned by the Assynt Estate and is administered by CKD Galbraith. See https://www.sportinglets.co.uk/locations/the-river-kirkaig/ (Kirkaig) and https://www.sportinglets.co.uk/locations/the-river-inver/ (Inver). Contact: Tel: 07920 724904; Email: enquiries@sportinglets.co.uk

Inver Estuary

The Assynt Angling Club (part of the AAG) sells day tickets to fish the estuary of the Inver in Lochinver. These can be obtained from Lochinver Post Office for £10.