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It is important that anglers feed back what their experience of fishing in Assynt has been like in different places and how it has been fishing. This will help the local angling organisations as well as fellow anglers. So please take part! You can leave comments in three ways:

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    Click on the digital map and click on a marker for a place you have fished. Click through to the page with information about that place to fish and at the bottom there will be a comment submission box. We want to know: where you fished, when you fished, what it was like, what you caught and any general comments about your experience.
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Support the Assynt Fishing Feis

It's that time of year again to give some support to the Assynt Fishing Feis. This is an important event for locals and visitors, young and old. It includes fun fishing-related games, information, discussions, professional fly tying lessons, qualified fly casting coaching sessions as well as great food and drink available. There's also a fishing competition juniors and adults.

It's run by Stuart Yates of Assynt Fly Fishing (https://www.facebook.com/assyntflyfishing/) and there is a crowd funding page to help pay for it - please donate if you can.



Likely September conditionst

I fished in Assynt in late June and early July this year(2018) The heatwave reached the Northwest Highlands after a couple of days,relentless sunshine and the water in the Lochs becoming unnaturally warm.The returns after the first few sessions were very limited Since then the temperatures have dropped and more rain has fallen but the question is’Has the fishing improved?’ I am considering coming north in the second week of September,am I wasting my time?


Car hire question

Hi, coming up to Assynt in June arriving at Inverness airport. Is it worth the extra hire charge for a 4x4 or are the more remote lochs walk in?
Thanks for any info/advise.

Care hire question

Hi, the remote lochs are just that, remote. Whilst there will be the odd track that a 4x4 might help, you won't get one to most of the lochs, including many of those relatively near to the road. You are much better parking and walking in.

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The 2017 Assynt Fishing Feis Crowdfunding campaign is LIVE!

Please support this important local event which helps promote angling in the area and engage young people and families, visitors and locals alike:



Fire risk - be careful!

Many of you will have seen the news about the wildfire in Assynt last week. A large area (est 12 sq km) bweteen Lochinver and near Suilven was affected including near Fionn.

it is really important that everyone is careful when out in the hills and follows advice given, especially when it is dry.


News item on Assynt fire:

Fire Scotland advice:

Preventing Wildfires leaflet:

Scottish outdoor Access Code:

Scottish Wildfire Forum:

Salmon and Sea Trout Angling

The River Inver and the River Kirkaig are the principal salmon and sea trout rivers. Fishing is owned by the Assynt Estate and administered by CKD Galbraith.

lagg fishery

great stay there and great days fishing the lagg and the lochans there,great host and his fish fight like salmon

Fishing Report 23-25 Aug 2013

Fished Cam loch fairly infrequently as was targeting other lochs in the area. Generally dour but always caught a few after a while, all small stuff. Lost a nice one about a pound - mostly caught on combination of gold headed PTN and bibio on dropper. Fished various hill lochs West of Cam and had great sport - nothing massive but plenty of them with majestic Suilven as the backdrop! Similar flies as previous successful but I don't think it really mattered - they would take anything as long as presentation and stealth used to good effect.

New Assynt Trout Flckr Page

For the fishermen interested in colors and shapes of Assynt's trouts, which can even vary within a loch, I regulary post pictures on a Flickr gallery called "Trouts of Assynt".

Names of the lochs are volontary fake or vague, but the mentionned area is always accurate. Click on picture to get details. Comments welcome. Here's the link : http://www.flickr.com/photos/94195153@N08

J. Dupuis