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  • Leave Your Comments   4 weeks 5 days ago

    Hi Adam,
    Seonaid here from the A.C.T office in Stoer. Just to update you with our opening hours. We are now open from 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday.
    Seonaid Eddy

  • Leave Your Comments   15 weeks 4 days ago

    Hi, can anyone tell me if you can use float tubes on Loch Culag

  • Leave Your Comments   15 weeks 6 days ago

    " I wasting my time fishing in September in Assynt?" or words to that effect. There are people who go fishing and there are those who go solely to catch fish. A very good friend and I both left a nameless angling clus because if you didn't catch your limit of a rainbow water, you were either a rubbish fisher or you couldn't possibly have enjoyed yourself. We have had many days fishing for brown trout and have caught very few, if any but have had a great day out. As an angling author famously said, "Go fishing for pleasure and you'll catch plenty of it!"
    Fishing if Assynt is never a waste of time.
    Sandy Laird

  • Leave Your Comments   35 weeks 2 days ago

    Hi Frans / Everyone

    Apologies but we have a problem with the API with OS maps, which has put it out of action. It looks like this is due to an update that is beyond our immediate control. We're working on it and will update soon.

    Thanks for your kind comments Frans


  • Leave Your Comments   35 weeks 2 days ago


    I'm getting a error message opening interactive maps "API Key has been blocked by Administrator".
    I've used this option before but suddenly it's not working any more.

    A very good and informative site bij the way!

    Frans Lodeizen, Holland

  • Lochan Fearna   42 weeks 5 days ago

    Hi Allan

    All the details for permits are on this site:

    You can't buy online, unfortunately.

    Hope that helps

  • Lochan Sgeireach   43 weeks 3 days ago

    Decided to give the loch a few casts at around 7.30pm. Caught a lovely brown trout of around 1.5 lbs. gave a fantastic fight, jumping out of the water, diving deep taking line. Took a good time to bring in. Nothing else seen, put him back, beautiful trout. Caught on a small black and silver.

  • Loch Leathed a'Bhaile Fhoghair (Lexy's Loch)   48 weeks 5 days ago

    Cold and in bright sun didn't bode too well. Started very dour, but two great fish, one of 17 inches. Both on black pennel on the point, fished slowly.

  • Loch Beannach   50 weeks 4 days ago

    Fished here today for a couple of hours. Nice setting, but you'll generally need to stick to the swims close to the path unless you want ticks, as the heather is waist height. The other side is tree lined and looks even less accessible. A few trout of half a pound, the rest were 1/4 pound. All fell to Invicta. I had a muddler dropper on but no takes on that.

  • Loch Awe   1 year 11 hours ago

    The day hadn't started too well. By lunchtime I had had three trout, best about 6oz. A second boat with three anglers had also taken three but all within the first hour. A stiff breeze had got up and they decided it wasn't going to be their day and were going to find something better to do with their afternoon. I had a rethink and tied on about 25 yards of nylon to the fly line. To the business end I attached a size 12 sedgehog. With my makeshift dapping setup, I lined up a drift between the islands. The wind strengthened and I was able to get the sedgehog a respectable distance from the boat. The first drift resulted in an unsuspecting trout making what might have been, at the hands of another angler, a fatal error. By time to leave time, I had taken an additional 8 fish, resulting in a total of a dozen with the best just shy of 3/4lb. The fish are most definitely in Loch Awe, all you have to do is work out how to get them out! As a footnote, on a subsequent visit, both my fishing companion and myself contacted salmon between the inlet and exit burns!!

  • Lochan Fearna   1 year 1 week ago

    Hi there

    I’m looking to stay in Nedd in September and would like to know where I can purchase a day ticket in advance, possibly on-line.

    Many thanks.

    Kind Regards
    Allan Maxwell

  • General Comments   1 year 9 weeks ago

    Have you never heard of the sport of 'swim trolling' ;-)

    Seriously - I'll get back to you as soon as I hear back.


  • General Comments   1 year 9 weeks ago

    Ah I see, may be troublesome trying to troll without a boat! I'll check in with Ledmore then.

    Thanks for your reply

  • General Comments   1 year 9 weeks ago

    Hi Graeme

    I think AAG no longer have a boat on Veyatie but will confirm with them and report back.

    It looks like Ledmore do have a boat:

    Ideally we should add Ledmore fishing to this site (along with a general overhaul) - if we could get the resources to do it!

    Adam Brown

  • General Comments   1 year 9 weeks ago


    I was hoping someone could help me find out of trolling on Veyatie is allowed. It seems to be taken off the current rules for the AAC(I have what must be an out of date leaflet stating it is ok in the house). Do Ledmore Estate allow this on their boats can anyone tell me?

    Many Thanks

  • Loch Veyatie   1 year 10 weeks ago

    Was wondering if someone could clarify whether trolling is allowed on Veyatie now? I was under the impression that it was ok to troll for ferox in Veyatie, Cam, Assynt and Beannach, but after looking up the rules on the new AAG website, there was no mention of Veyatie. If this is the case with an AAG permit, is it still ok from a Ledmore boat?

    Many Thanks

  • General Comments   1 year 12 weeks ago

    The Assynt Angling Group has a new website:

    This has details of their fishing, permits and boats.

    You can also get details of their lochs on this website by going to...

    ...and using the filter to select Assynt Angling Group.

    We have updated the links to their website but if you find any that are still broken, let us know.

  • General Comments   1 year 12 weeks ago

    All sea anglers are encouraged to record their catches for the Sea Angling Diary project . You get a free app, waterproof phone case and catch recording kit including Fish ID guide! Your information about what you catch will help demonstrate the impact and value of sea angling.

    The project is run by Substance ( who manage this website and have delivered lots of research on angling.

  • Leave Your Comments   1 year 14 weeks ago

    Hi Adam. The new website is up and running and this contains up to date information on permit prices, vendors, boat bookings etc. Can you update the link to the site please - Thanks. RM.

  • General Comments   1 year 23 weeks ago

    Dubh loch mor and dubh loch beag are included in the east zone permit. Spinning and trolling is permitted on lochs assynt, cam and beannach. Spinning is permitted on a 4 mile stretch of loch assynt from ardveck castle westwards. Float tubes are permitted except on loch awe and glen loch. The AAG website is not retrievable but a new domain should be up and running before the start of the season. Permit prices unchanged for 2021- £7.50 day / £40 week (weekly covers all 3 zones). Boat bookings through mackays hardware in lochinver (01571844442-advance bookings will be taken from March 15th. Advance bookings for Sunday to Thursday only. Friday and Saturday can be booked day before.

  • General Comments   1 year 23 weeks ago

    Dubh loch mor and dubh loch beag are included in the east zone permit. Spinning/ trolling is okay from boats on lochs assynt, beannach and Cam. Spinning from the bank is permitted on a 4 mile section of assynt, from ardveck castle westwards. Float tubes are permitted except on loch awe and glen loch. There is no bait fishing anywhere. No coarse fish are present. The assynt angling group website is not recoverable but a new website will be launched prior to the start of the season. Permit prices unchanged for 2021- £7.50 per day / £40 week (roving, covers all 3 zones). Boat bookings via mackays hardware in lochinver (01571844442- advance bookings will be taken from 15th March).

  • General Comments   1 year 23 weeks ago

    Not many - the two you have identified and you can spin from a boat on Cam and Veyatie, but I think it's only trolling that is allowed. The Assynt Angling Group website has been down for ages which has the precise rules on it - I will try and find out more and feed back

  • General Comments   1 year 23 weeks ago

    Much as I love fly fishing I sometimes like to cast out a small mepps using a seven foot lightweight rod. I see that spinning is permitted at Loch Borralan and read that there was a four mile stretch of bank on Loch Assynt (not sure exactly which bit). My question, are there other Lochs where spinning is allowed?

  • General Comments   1 year 25 weeks ago

    Hi All, much as I like fly fishing, I also enjoy spinning on light tackle like the small mepps spoons. Can you point me to where I can find information on which of the Assynt Lochs I can use spinners - if at all possible within club rules. Thanks

  • General Comments   1 year 25 weeks ago

    Hi, Yes as far as we know and people definitely use them. Might be worth double checking when buying permits for info on particular lochs.

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