A Fishy Tale - The Eel Story Project

At the beginning of May I was privileged to be able to attend a session of a project in Assynt called The Eel Story, which was run by the Highland Council's Ranger Service and West Sutherland Fisheries Trust. It was one of a series of indoor and outdoor classroom sessions with local schoolchildren to educate them about the life cycle of the eel.

The project covered a whole range of issues from factors affecting eel population and local loch water quality, to invertibrate life and other fish populations. Whilst trout and salmon dominate in these parts, it was great to learn more about the eel, whose numbers have been dropping all over the UK.

The session I saw was delivered outside at two lochs on the Little Assynt Estate which is communaly owned by the Culag Community Woodland Trust (www.culagwoods.org.uk). Despite the pretty dire weather it was great to see these organisations in action and the engagement and fascination of schoolchildren from Stoer, Lochinver and Achiltibuie.

There's a full account and pictures attached.

Adam Brown, May 2010

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